Closure of a Mouth-Sinus Communication with a Buccal Advancement Flap
This mouth-sinus hole (Oro-Antral Communication) was created when the patient had his Upper Left 6 (UL6) / Upper Left 1st Molar removed
(the patient also had all his other teeth removed at the same time).
After the swelling and soreness of the Full Dental Clearance had started to settle, the patient was
referred back to the hospital department as he had noticed that when he drank, fluid came out of
his nose.
Diagram showing the first stages of the closure of an OAC using a Buccal Advancement Flap.

The OAC is excised and incisions made into the buccal mucosa to create a flap that will cover the OAC.
Diagram showing the next stage of the closure of an OAC using a Buccal Advancement Flap.
Diagram showing the final stage of the closure of an OAC using a Buccal Advancement Flap.

The Buccal Advancement Flap has been brought palatally and sutured into place.
Last Updated 21st March 2020
The OAC has been excised and the buccal advancement flap has been raised in preparation to suture it to the palatal mucosa.
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PowerPoint Presentation on OAC's