Torus, Exostosis & Osteomata  Removal
Occasionally, the oral bony swelling (torus, exostosis or osteoma) needs to be removed.

This can be for a number of reasons:

  • Interference with construction of dentures
  • Interference with the wearing of dentures
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnœa
  • Problems eating
  • Problems speaking
  • Aesthetic problems
  • Psychological (cancerophobia)
  • Exceptionally large torus
Surgical Considerations:

  • Use LA to help “balloon” thin tissue (tumescent technique)
  • Overlying mucosa is thin and is easily torn
  • It is easier to remove tori when the dento-alveolus is œdentulous (toothless)

Remove Tori with:

•Surgical drill / bur
•Osteotome and hammer
•A combination of both

Insure a dry field and inspect wound before closure.
Useful Websites:


Dentistry Today

Useful Articles:

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Potential Pitfalls / Problems:

Palatal Tori

Pneumatisation of palatal torus
Thin mucosa over tori that can tear very easily
Post-operative redundant tissue

Potential Complications - Palatal Tori

  • Thin mucosa over tori that can tear very easily
  • Post-operative redundant tissue
  • Oro-antral / nasal communication / fistula
  • Arterial bleeding (from the greater palatine artery)
  • Hæmatoma (bruising)
  • Post-op dehiscence (pulling apart of the wound margins)
Potential Complications - Lingual Tori

  • Lingual nerve damage
  • Hæmatoma (bruising)
  • Damage to floor of mouth structures
  • Post-op dehiscence (pulling apart of the wound margins)
Last Updated 5th May 2016