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About me

The website is about the dental specialty of Surgical Dentistry (now known as Oral Surgery). Surgical Dentistry / Oral Surgery is concerned with the diagnosis and surgical management of pathological processes and anomalies in the teeth or their supporting structures. The website grew out of my desire to share with people (both fellow dentists and patients) my knowledge of the subject. As an Oral Surgeon, I find that the more information you can give patients and dentists the better. So, this website is pitched at both groups for the better understanding of Oral Surgery and to disperse any myths there might be around Oral Surgery. Also, the website covers other topics than just Oral Surgery; it reflects what is practised in most Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Departments in the UK; hence, there is information about facial trauma, facial pains, oral pathology, jaw joint problems, salivary gland disease and some surgical dermatology.


The information provided on is designed to support, not replace,
relationship between the site-visitor / patient and their Dentist / Oral Surgeon / Doctor.

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