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Finding A Endodontist Near You

Often, the 1st step pre-surgically or alternatively, to avoid an apicectomy altogether, is to have ‘re-treatment’.

Endodontic re-treatment entails root-canal treating the tooth again. This is carried out best by specialist dentists trained in such matters, known as Endodontists. Apart from specialist training, they will have the specialist equipment that often means a resolution of the endodontic problems and possibly no need for any surgical endodontics at all.

Evidence shows that endodontic re-treatment is more successful that surgical treatment (i.e. apicectomy) of these teeth.

Occasionally, even re-treatment fails and an apicectomy has to be carried out; studies show that these apicectomies are more successful if they have had endodontic re-treatment beforehand.

Your local Endodontist can be found by going to the website,


Alternatively, you can contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or your local PCT who will be able to help you find an Endodontist.

You can also search for an Endodontist at the website,

You can visit the British Endodontic Society website,

There is a search engine on the website that helps you find an Endodontist closest to you.

This site website also provides information about Endodontics in general.